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Startup Tourism is a mentorship-driven business accelerator for Icelandic companies in the tourism sector. 10 companies are selected to take part in a 10 week program in Reykjavík where they receive guidance, assistance, a workspace and benefits. Recent years have seen a steep increase in the number of foreign visitors travelling to Iceland. This has created challenges and opportunities for Icelanders. Improved infrastructure, private sector development and innovation is necessary to address these changes and create a sustainable future for tourism in Iceland. With that in mind, Íslandsbanki, Blue Lagoon, Vodafone, Isavia, Iceland Tourism and Icelandic Startups joined hands to create a program for startups in Iceland. Startup Tourism is completely free and participants keep 100% of their company.


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    Startup Tourism is a new ten week startup accelerator held in Reykjavík and will begin in January 2018 for the third time. It’s aimed at supporting a sustainable, competitive, diverse and innovative tourist sector in Iceland.


    Startup Tourism’s goal is to support innovation and entrepreneurship in the Icelandic tourism sector and in so doing contribute to the creation of jobs and value in Iceland.


    Up to ten tourism startups are selected to develop their ideas with guidance and feedback from experienced mentors. You can apply in September 2017 and the accelerator begins for the third time in January 2018.

  • Ice Yoga - Batch 2017

    IceYoga offers a travelling yoga adventure around the country

    Reykjavík Rainbow Museum - Batch 2017

    A unique experience based on light and colours, combining art and science

    Ferðasjáin - Batch 2017

    A search engine designed to find the dream trip based on preferences and special needs

    Hælið - Batch 2017

    Hælið is an historic exhibit about the history of tuberculosis in Kristnes in Eyjafjörður. 

    Siglo Ski Lodge - Batch 2017

    Sigló Ski Lodge – A new destination and center for nature-lovers in Northern Iceland

    Sólvangur Icelandic Horse Center - Batch 2017

    Sólvangur is a unique and diverse recreation option on an authentic Icelandic horse farm

    Deaf Iceland - Batch 2017

    Deaf Iceland offers tailored services and recreation in sign language

    The Cave People - Batch 2017

    The Cave People offer a dynamic view into the man-made caves Icelanders once called home

    My Shopover - Batch 2017

    MYSHOPOVER will empower tourist to be able to shop as a local with an assistant of a Personal Shopper. This service has the similar ideology as Airbnb but instead of a hosting service we would offer a service when it comes to shopping abroad.

    Traustholtshólmi - Batch 2016

    Traustholtshólmi is a unique island in the river Þjórsá which has belonged to Hákon’s family for generations. Hákon has developed a sustainable and environmentally friendly destination where travellers can get a taste of trully natural living in Iceland. Hákon is never with out his faithful dog Skuggi who has become a favorite among Startup Tourism participants – Skuggi is a great listener!

    Coldspot - Batch 2016

    Aldís Arna, Aldís Aðalbjarnar and Sigurður are passionate about peoples welfare and health and decided to found Coldspot together – a health tour office. Coldspot has introduced a new type of tourism to Iceland, a unique blend of physical activities, inner reflections, incredible experiences in an amazing environment and „digital detoxing“.

    Bergrisi - Batch 2016

    Bergrisi has for the past three years developed the software solution Álfheimar which manages payments for a network of self-service amenities. Customers can easily track their sales, whether the service their providing is a restroom, shower, parking or entrance to a museum or park. An elegant solution to a persistent problem – incentivising property and amenity owners to provide services to travellers in a way that they feel properly rewards them for their work.

    Arctic Trip - Batch 2016

    Halla fell in love with Grímsey at first sight – and it’s safe to say that she’s not the only one who has been charmed by the island’s mystical allure. She wants to share this natural pearl on the Arctic circle with travellers and offers socially responsible and original tours to that end through her company Arctic Trip

    Buubble - Batch 2016

    How about cuddling up underneath a blanket of stars and the northern lights in a transparent igloo? Róbert Sveinn Róbertsson is the founder and owner of Buubble, which offers visitors the opportunity to stay in their very own “5 million” star hotel in Icelandic nature.

    Adventure Horse Extreme - Batch 2016

    Aníta learned to ride a horse before she could walk. Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating a little bit – but she is quite an equestrian. Aníta competed in the world’s longest and most dangerous horse race: the Mongol Derby. Now she wants to organise an even more challenging race in Iceland! Visit Adventure Horse Extreme to know more.

    Hiddenworld - Batch 2016

    Hiddenworld is a team of entrepreneurs working to create an experience which combines technology, science, folk tales, nature and art to create a fantastical world which has until now been hidden from most people.

    Happyworld - Batch 2016

    Aníta and Róbert are the founders of Happyworld. They decided to make the best out of the none stop wind in Iceland to be able to offer kiting and flying experiences.

    Criss Cross - Batch 2016

    Sigríður and Ólöf are the gourmands behind Criss Cross. They offer tailored food tours around the country, with a special emphasis on locally sourced, organic food with a connection to the local culture and environment.

    Book Iceland - Batch 2016

    Örlygur Hnefill Örlygsson is the founder and CEO of Book Iceland, which offer hostels and hotels cheap booking services with an emphasis on social responsibility. Örlygur is from Húsavík and in addition to being a husband and father he’s an avid space exploration enthusiast.

  • Salóme Guðmundsdóttir CEO of Icelandic Startups
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    Svava Björk Ólafsdóttir Project manager of Startup Tourism
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    Sunna Halla Einarsdóttir CFO of Icelandic Startups

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    Edda Konráðsdóttir

    Haraldur Þórir Hugosson

    Elsa Ýr Bernhardsdóttir

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Our goal is simple: to help entrepreneurs.


Connections and guidance from experienced mentors.

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Great office space with everything your startup needs.


Classes, workshops and on-hands assistance from experienced consultants.

Demo day

Opportunity to attract customers and investors at the end of the program.

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